ChIA Mining HPool Tutorial

Chia Network is created by legendary programmer Bram Cohen, which can verify its block chain with inexpensive and redundant unused hard disk storage. Chia depends on file storage space to verify, and then combine it with time prove to eliminate a large number of attackers.

Before the start of the tutorial, you can understand the mining process of mining pools.
1. Force signature bound mine (if this step is not done, the mine pool mining does not have income!)
2. Complete the P disk
3. Set the mining software to access the mine

First, mining equipment and environments
Mining equipment: hard disk

Operating system: Windows, Linux, MacOS

Mining software: hpool-chia-miner

Note: This tutorial provides only Windows P-disk and mining settings;

Second, get a help
1. Visit the Chia official website download the official wallet;


GitHub Address: and download;

2. Install and open the wallet, set the language as “Chinese”, and “create a new private key”

3. Generated 24 help notes for your personal key, please save it, to prevent the money package is lost or stolen! ! !

Three: Signature
1. Visit the HPool official website, download ChIA’s signature software in the download center;

2. Decompress the download and run “Chia-Plotter-GUI-V0.11-Win64.exe”, enter 24 help notes, click on the signature

Note: Help is separated by spaces

3. the core is consistent with the secret key ID;

- The fingerprint obtained by the signature software is: 1438627233;

-CHIA Secretary Fingerprint is: 1438627233;

Note: The above fingerprint is only an example, and the actual operation of miners is subject to the actual operation;

Fourth, open the mine

Five - Binding data

2. Log in to the HPOOL Mine, in the Personal Center — Configure the Moistime Page, drop-down menu to select “ChIA Ecological Pool”, paste strings into the input box and click “Bind”;

3. After the binding is successful, a binding data will be added in the binding query;

Six - P disk settings
1. Go back to the “Chia-Plotter-GUI-V0.11-Win64.exe” Run interface, find the data in the red box below, get FARMKEY and POOLY;

2. Return to the Chia-Plotter folder, modify the plotting.bat process (right-click editing is turned on), save and close it;

The following is set for other parameters:

3. Return to the Chia-Plotter folder, double-click to run “Plotting.dat”, start the P disk;

4. If the P disk is successful, a file that is “PLOT file” will be generated in the target path folder, the size is about 101g;

Seven - mining settings

2. Decompress the downloaded compressed package, double-click to run hpool-miner-chia-gui.exe;

3. Click “Settings”;

4. Click “New”;

5. Click “START” to start mining;

Hurry up ! Good Luck!